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The K9 Community

LiveJournal's ONLY Skinny Puppy Community

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basic binary on off on off...

This is a community devoted to Skinny Puppy, one of the most ground-breaking industrial bands of the last twenty years. It was created and is maintained by fans of the band. As such, we welcome any input from the fans concerning the design and arrangement of this community. After all, it is for you.

By joining, you’ve probably succumbed to your hopeless devotion to the band... Well, haven’t we all? Feel free to post any information you feel necessary regarding the band, it’s side projects and anything you see fit as a fan. This includes stories, artwork, pictures (use lj-cut) and any news you find interesting.

We are not fascists or control freaks. This is your community as much as it is ours--as such, we will refrain from banning people, deleting posts, etc. But, we still expect you to act like a civilized human being. If you are adept enough to use a computer, you should be able to act in an intelligent manner, free of drama. In short, we won't ban you but you might be made fun of... a lot.

As larger news items are posted, they’ll be pasted here into the user info. Why? Because the average fan who wanders into this community may have virtually no idea that a new album is in the works, that subCON released the "vault" series, etc. This way, the larger news items are very easy to keep tabs on (outside of other sites). Joe Nobody who strolls in will see this, and perhaps join the community. You might make a new friend. Everyone will be happy... Or something to that effect. Regardless, who wants to scroll through random posts to find news? In the news section, there will also be links to purchase/pre-order said news items if they are available. No, we don’t receive a profit from the free advertising. We do feel that the band is under-advertised, therefore we try and help out. If you know where to purchase something, then you can. It is as simple as that.

censuredself and detuned_sky are your moderators. They’re happy to help out with anything, if you ask. If you don’t ask, then they can’t. They don’t read minds. Yet.

Brap on.


welcome to the morning news...


For further info on any news about Skinny Puppy and it's side projects, may we suggest a little trip to litany?


binge cringe on the fringe...

Since there remains no "offical" place to purchase Skinny Puppy (et al) merchandise, we suggest taking a trip over to subCON. subCONSCIOUS studios is cEvin key's brainchild and workspace, as well as a vehicle used to release any material he sees fit. Both the "vault" series of cds (compilations of earlier Skinny Puppy et al.) as well as others have been released through subCONSCIOUS studios. They remain an excellent method of obtaining rarer merchandise, as well as offering a forum for discussion among other things. Check out the site...


i just don't want to know anymore...

There does exist a tiny other band called ohGr. They might be worth checking out.

Stephen R. Gilmore has had quite a hand in Skinny Puppy's visual impact. Check it out, his portfolio is amazing.

Also, some of the most bitchin' artwork we've ever seen has been produced by Simon Paul. You'll find a lot of his work familiar.

Props go out to photobucket for the image hosting.

This community is best viewed with IE 5 and above (due to CSS), and a 1024 X 768 screen resolution. Also, the downloading of the "Onyx" font may be required so you can view the spiffy little "dig it" font we've got going...

As a work in progress, by definition this will never be finished.